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Roof Replacement

There are a few reasons why someone might need a roof replacement; if the roof was neglected and not properly maintained, severe weather damage ripped up shingles and caused leaks, or the roof might be past its lifespan and numerous repairs are no longer an option. At Grace Roofing and Construction, we understand how important your roof is, which is why we strive to provide homeowners with a roof that is aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting, and cost-effective! Replacing your roof is not only essential for weather protection and energy efficiency, but it is also a great option for those looking to sell their homes. Having a new roof installed significantly increases your curb appeal and resale value. Our team of experienced contractors is happy to meet with you, inspect your roof, and talk about your replacement options.

When Do You Need A New Roof?

Deciding when to replace your roof can be a difficult decision as it can be a costly project for many people. There are many things to look for and factors to consider, including the age of your roof. A typical asphalt-shingled roof is expected to last between 20-25 years with the proper care and maintenance. If your roof is starting to reach that age range and has leaks, torn shingles, or other problems, it’s probably a good sign that you need to replace your roof. Additionally, if you notice buckling or curling shingles, granules in your gutters, or missing shingles, you might be due for a replacement. Severe storm damage and sagging roofs are very serious and should be dealt with immediately to avoid further and costly damage. After we perform any roof inspections, we meet with the homeowners to discuss our findings, offer our professional advice, and let the homeowner decide on what to do next.

When You Need A Roof Contractor Give Us A Call

At Grace Roofing and Construction, our contractors are not only skilled craftsmen in their trade, but they are also friendly and helpful. Whether you’re coming to us for roof repairs, maintenance, or any other roofing services, we will always be happy to offer our professional advice. In the case of a replacement, it is essential to consider the materials you want to use. Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material and are available from a variety of manufacturers in various colors. When choosing your shingles, it’s important to think about the price, appearance, and lifespan they will give you. We get all of our shingles from reputable manufacturers, including GAF and CertainTeed, ensuring your roof is installed with the highest-quality materials.

Re-Roof Or Roof Replacement

Cost Of Roof Replacement

For some homeowners, the options to re-roof may be available, but this is certainly not the case for everyone, and it is important to know the difference between re-roofing and roof replacement. Re-roofing is a fast and cost-effective option for a new roof; it is essentially installing a new roof on top of the existing one. Doing this eliminates to need to rip off the old roof, which cuts down on labor, time, and cost. However, re-roofing is only applicable to those that have one layer of roofing. If you have previously re-roofed your home, you can not add a third layer of roofing on top. While re-roofing does cut down on time and cost, it can also be risky. Because you aren’t removing the initial roofing layer, it’s almost impossible to know what the condition of the roof is underneath the existing shingles. Our team at Grace Roofing will work with you to find the best new roof option for you!

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If you’re looking for a roofing company that does it all, give us a call! Whether you need roof inspections, roof maintenance, repairs, or replacements, we’ve got you covered. Our team of contractors can identify roof leaks and repair them quickly. If your roof needs to be completely replaced, we can do that too! We strive to provide the highest quality roofing service to home and business owners.